About P G I E D

What is entrepreneurship all about :

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind where we can be the master of our own will. It’s all about doing something better than it’s been done before. Making something simpler, cheaper, more enjoyable.
We live in world where creating ‘brand new’ products is difficult, but perfecting and improving a product, service, or delivery of product is easier to do. If you think it’s in you, just start. Building your own business is not for everyone. You need to really ask yourself if you are ready to dedicate and sacrifice everything around you for what you hope to build.
In today’s business climate being an entrepreneur is as its base level creating something of your own. It can start as something small, but having your own source of income that you create directly is easier to do that ever with so any tools. From there you can test, see what is scalable and then go all in.


What Do We Do :

At Pragati Guru Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, We follow modern education system entirely different from that, which is prevalent today.
Our programs have more practical orientation. Our courses are 20% classroom learning and 80% practical training. We teach students the modern principles and practice of the business world and the assign them tasks to do and learn. It is not the mugging up of facts what makes a human being successful. It is the application of learning which makes him successful.
Based on the learning, students are guided to arrive at a business idea. After that we make students to do assignments specially designed to suit their business idea. This results in targeted learning, and makes the student more confident as an entrepreneur.
Our exams and testing are result based not pen and paper based. Assignments we give are not about learning only. It’s about ability to face different situations (simulated or real) and act best way to bring the best results which tell us about the abilities of a candidate.


To be the master in the field of modern education free from the bonds of certificates & degrees, Focusing purely on Skills & ability of the candidate.


To establish a new culture in our education system where people free themselves from social stigmas & focus on Values, skills & abilities to deal with the life & achieve their goals.

Why Choose Us

PGIED is not a conventional institute. Our programs are delivered with unique methodology, which includes practical training of related fields.

Some unique features of our programs are :
  • Interaction with Industrial Experts.
  • Practical Training.
  • Entrepreneurial Idea Incubation.
  • Individuals' Idea centered training.
  • Unique field oriented course module.

  • Earn while learn opportunity.
  • Guidance under Expert panel.
  • Evaluation of your business projects by experts.
  • Interaction with successful Entrepreneurs.
  • Access to Investors Panel.


All this at most affordable price.

Thinking Entrepreneurship, Think PGIED.