Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs


Many People blame that I did everything I was told but I failed. Many come to ask me “Sir, what are the Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs ?”

I have been conducting open seminars & workshops where I discuss all you need to be a successful Entrepreneur. Here I am marking out 4 basic pillars of success in Entrepreneurship. These are the basic pillars which are of top Priority and shall not be mistaken as a complete guide for entrepreneurship.

If I must answer the secret which will never allow you to fail in Entrepreneurship, Then there are 4 pillars to it?

  1. Self-belief:- An Entrepreneur shall have self-belief. No one will endorse your idea or innovation for 2 reasons. Either the person advising you will be of service class mentality who is inherently afraid of Entrepreneurship (considering it to be risky) & can rarely look into the possibility of the innovation. OR If he is of entrepreneurial mindset the person will look into your idea, Will discourage you and will start working on it himself. So never expect support & true feedback from others, just believe in yourself. Remember, If you can Think it, You Can Do It
  2. Focusing on building the company & not on money:- The primary aim of entrepreneurship is (almost always) mistaken to be becoming rich. No its not about becoming Rich. It’s about building your own Empire. Wannabe rich people get into startups & fail miserably because they can not withstand the troubles to be faced. they are attracted towards a rich lifestyle and they think little about building a world-class organization. Only those who have dreamed of building a world-class organization will sustain even while starving for food, just for their Dream. So check – What your Dream is?
  3. Self Discipline:- Though I Don’t think It needs to be Explained, just for the sake of it, Nothing can be achieved without self Discipline. & as far as Entrepreneurship is concerned Nothing can ever be thought to be achieved without Self Discipline. Remember, the world out there needs & search for the best things, & it is Highly dynamic & Competitive as well. Indiscipline will cause delay & the service quality will be deteriorated. This will lead to the collapse of your venture in the market. Remember:- You are not the owner of your company, but the junior-most employee of the same.
  4. Persistence:- This is where we fail in-spite of knowledge. We give 2 -3 attempts & then switch to a job or something else saying “I Gave enough Time & Try to it”. Are you serious???? How many years did you give to your academics to get an underpaid Job? & how many interviews it took you to get your first Job? Did you stop after 2–3 attempts? So a true Entrepreneur Never, Never, Never Quits. He may slow down, He may take rest, He may get into part-time activities to support hi living, But he never quits.

I can give it to you in writing that if you have these 4 things in you, You Can never Fail.

It’s not that the Entrepreneurship needs only these 4 attributes. But this is the base without which you can never succeed. If you have these attribute other things can very well be developed over the period of time.

For knowing about the other traits please follow my Posts. Wish you all the best.

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