Duration:- 3 Months

For Whom it is :

For wannabe Entrepreneurs who are looking for a mentor to guide them through their journey, & For startup entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance to expand & promote their business.

About the course:

This course is specially designed to help you learn the secrets of success in business. A unique blend of theory and practice, we have discarded age-old theories which have now become irrelevant in today’s world.

In this course, we teach you the principles of success, Qualities of an entrepreneur. We talk about the different myths of the market which are holding you from moving forward. Common mistakes which cost you a lot in business, different methods of raising the fund, & so on. We provide you access to investors panel and the expert panel to ensure that you must excel in your entrepreneurial journey.

In all, this course will provide you with a practical insight into what needs to be improved for being a successful entrepreneur. It will show you new techniques and paths to solve the existing problems & overcome the limits that are binding you. It will provide you with a personal mentor who will guide through the path of success.

About Teaching Methodology:

This course has a unique methodology, often called the sandwiched course. It consists of 3 phases :

Phase-1: It consists of 6 Days experiential classroom learning with certain outdoor sessions.

Phase-2: It consists of home-based online learning where the student has to complete around 35 to 50 Practical Assignments under the guidance of the coach.

Phase-3: This is again a 3 Days long Classroom Interaction where a Detailed discussion will be done on the assignments done and lessons learned.

Major topics covered in this program are:


  • Challenges & Requirements of Entrepreneurship
  • Myths and reality of the business world
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Business plan preparation
  • Legalities of business
  • Fundraising & financial strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • Developing a star team
  • Operations & day to day problem solving
  • Business scaling
  • Investors’ Meet
  • Entrepreneurs’ Meet


Teaching Methodology includes :


  • Seminars & Interaction
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Assignments
  • Classroom Activities
  • Personal Guidance
  • OBL Programs